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Keystone Aviation COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Keystone Aviation remains fully operational at this time for air charter, management and maintenance services. We are following local, state and federal guidelines to serve your needs with as little disruption as possible while providing a safe and healthy environment for customers and associates. Amid the current situation, we have implemented the following procedures to keep employees and customers safe while continuing air charter and all other operations.

To help ensure safety and good health for our employees and customers, Keystone Aviation will not transport charter passengers who have been exposed, or who have been at elevated risk of being exposed, to COVID-19 in the weeks preceding their flight.

Enhanced Aircraft Sanitization And Cleanliness

  • Sanitize common touch points on aircraft prior to every charter flight, including boarding door railings, seatbelts and buckles, tables, PCUs (light switches and cabin air toggles), lavatories and flight deck screens and controls 

  • Isolate catering orders until delivery to aircraft and handle with gloves

  • Amplified Trip Evaluations

  • Managerial and executive level review of every Keystone Aviation charter flight to ensure compliance with rapidly-changing situational guidelines

  • Add appropriate mitigating measures to our existing, comprehensive trip safety evaluation process 

  • Communicate and explain necessary updates to clients 

Enhanced Passenger Screenings

  • Issue passengers a pre-flight questionnaire to confirm good health and practice of recommended prevention measures

  • Ensure customers have no symptoms of COVID-19 present at the time of their trip

  • Confirm no recent contact with anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

  • Make sure customers did not travel to any known high-risk areas in the weeks immediately preceding their charter trip with Keystone Aviation

Employee Well-Being

  • Implement the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including facial coverings and gloves as appropriate

  • Evaluate pilots, crew, employees, contract workers and vendors for symptoms of illness prior to and during their time working

  • Instruct employees to stay at home if they feel ill and seek medical attention as appropriate

  • Provide tips to remain healthy, such as avoid touching the face and practice regular hand washing according to CDC guidelines

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