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Global Appearance Partners - Superior Fleet Aesthetics in the Post-COVID19 Era

As the only aircraft detailing management company in the nation, Global Appearance Partners has coordinated with its network of vendors to ensure that safe and effective options are available to their customers with over 600 managed aircraft. While helping to ensure that aircraft cabins remain clean and healthy, Global Appearance Partners has taken the extra steps to make sure that the products, while effective, won’t damage aircraft interiors.

During the early stages of the shutdown, a lot of flying just stopped. There were days where we saw only a fraction of the daily cleanings that we are used to. At the same time, our customers were rushing to find solutions to protect their customers, crews, and aircraft for the flights they were still performing and in anticipation of whatever flying may return.

We quickly worked with our vendor network to assess the status and availability of disinfecting products that were both effective and safe to use on board an aircraft. We even helped to source some products for those vendors who were having a difficult time purchasing more products.

Read the full blog post from Global Appearance Partners and their solutions for common aircraft care mistakes here.

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