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Atlantic Aviation Enhances Safety Procedures Across All FBOs

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Atlantic has implemented the following enhanced customer and employee procedures for the safety of everyone throughout our FBOs.

  • Employees are required to wear face coverings when in presence of another person

  • Employees are following CDC recommendations to prevent illness and ensure our facilities are as safe as possible.

  • Employees observing increased personal hygiene, personal protective equipment use, and travel restrictions

  • Employees are closely following social distancing protocols

  • Employees' daily health is being closely monitored and employee stays home if sick

  • Established targeted facility cleaning procedures utilizing CDC recommended cleaning products, specifically focusing on high touch areas and cleaning hourly, including:

- Entries and exits (door handles, glass, etc.) - Surfaces touched by hands in lobbies and all common areas - Public office equipment such as pilot computers, keyboards, printers, chairs, etc. - Remote controls

- Blankets and linens

- Bathrooms

- Kiosk screens

- Vehicles (steering wheels, shifters, door handles, etc.)

  • Required use of gloves and masks when delivering catering to an aircraft

  • Discontinue the use of exercise rooms, where applicable

  • Removed lobby literature (available upon request) and unpackaged food items

  • Enhanced front desk procedures to include no signature required and emailing receipts

  • Limited the number of passengers during shuttle van operations

  • Temporary occupancy limits in elevators, conference rooms, etc, to maintain social distancing requirements

  • Reconfigured customer and employee seating areas for social distancing requirements

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