Jet Cards and Memberships

  • Book travel as needed with no long-term commitment 

  • Upfront payment or membership fees may be needed 

  • Some companies may offer added benefits 


Similar to one-off on demand charter, jet card memberships allow you to book travel as you need without a long term commitment. Companies with a jet card or membership business model both require a bit of upfront cash before you can freely start flying.  

Jet Card

A jet card, for example, might offer a set number of flight hours on a particular aircraft type or class for a set amount. 


Meanwhile, a membership model might typically entail an initial membership fee for access to book the operators exclusive fleet. 

Jet card and membership companies also offer benefits that range from guaranteed availability to fixed rates. Either option is a great way to travel if you know you’ll be chartering multiple flights in the future. These options take the guesswork and hassle out of booking each trip independently as you’ll only be dealing with a single company that you trust rather than a different broker or operator every time.   

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