Fractional Ownership

  • Partial ownership of one aircraft, like a timeshare 

  • Perks and exclusivity of ownership without full ownership responsibilities 

  • Shares can range from 1/16th - 50% ownership 

  • Often contract-based 

  • You can sell your share at the end of the contract term


Think of this as buying shares in a company or an exclusive timeshare at your favourite vacation destination. Although you don’t technically fully own the asset, you can still have access to the exclusivity and perks that ownership provides. 


The perfect marriage between full aircraft ownership and affordability, fractional ownerships provide access to a wide group of travelers to new aircraft ownership where they typically would not have been able to before. With shares generally ranging from one sixteenth up to fifty percent ownerships, fractional ownership puts you in the driver’s seat when deciding what ownership range you are most comfortable with. These part ownerships are similar to jet cards where you are allotted a certain number of flight hours or days based on your tier of ownership and usually come with longer termed contracts ranging from three to ten years.  


Fractional ownerships are a favourite among frequent private aircraft flyers as they give almost the same benefits as owning your own jet without adding the stress of managing your own aircraft and flight department.  


Lastly, fractional ownerships also allow you to sell your share of the aircraft at the end of your contract term, which is a must for many savvy travelers.