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Due to the uncertainty of the recent pandemic and its ever expanding health concerns, many travelers have finally taken the leap into flying private for the first time. Numerous recent studies show that business aviation flights in 2020 actually exceeded the numbers set in 2019. From fewer points of contact to a more comfortable and bespoke experience, flying private is virtually superior in every aspect to the traditional mode of travel.  


Regardless of their reasons, travelers who have never experienced private travel are now taking the plunge in droves. Although the transition from commercial airlines to flying private can initially seem daunting, the task is not as intimidating as it seems. 


The path to private jet travel may seem complicated initially, but once you are comfortable with navigating how the industry functions, it is surely the most enjoyable and rewarding way you’ll ever travel. No matter which option seems the most enticing, ultimately it all comes down to you, your travel needs, and what best fits your situation.  Some options might be perfect for certain flyers while the same might not even be a possibility for others.  With the flexibility and efficiency of private travel recently coupled with the peace of mind that it offers in regards to one’s health and well-being, it’s no shock that a record amount of travelers are finally starting to fly private amidst the pandemic. No matter what your reasons might be to start this journey, private travel is a luxury only a few can resist once they’ve sampled it. 


This quick guide will help demystify the private aviation industry and assist you in taking your first step into the exclusive ranks of traversing the skies like you’ve never experienced. 

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